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Meet the talented pregnancy massage therapists of Rejuvenations Massage Therapy. Located in Herndon, VA, our team is comprised of nationally certified, licensed massage therapists all of whom have advanced training in prenatal massage. Scroll down to learn more about them. Click here to book an appointment today.


Sara AndrewsSara Andrews, LMT has been practicing therapeutic massage for more than four years. As a graduate of Virginia’s PMTI, she studied modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point and Swedish massage. She has advanced training in pregnancy massage, and is currently studying Shiatsu Shin Tai, a modality that addresses the body as a whole, finding imbalances and fixing them. She uses stretches and muscle manipulation to help people who suffer from pain get better. She especially enjoys working with people who are open to new types of massage and who have some sort of injury from which they cannot unlock.


Donnie Shim, LMT has practiced massage for more than ten years. He has spent much of that time working with chiropractors, using active release technique (ART), neuromuscular massage and trigger point work to complement the patient’s chiropractic treatments. He is a goal-oriented therapist who thrives when he is helping his clients reach their health objectives and improve their quality of life. He works with his clients to determine the cause of their pain and develop a therapeutic massage plan to alleviate the symptoms. He uses a variety of massage modalities, depending on what will be most effective for the client. As an athlete who has played a variety of sports and suffered from low back and neck injuries, he especially relates to clients suffering from those issues. In addition to massage therapy, Donnie has also been a chiropractic assistant and as a certified x-ray technician.


Georgia Lima, LMT, has practiced therapeutic massage for more than 20 years. She combines a range of deep tissue techniques and has studied several modalities that she integrates in her practice — Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Active Isolated Stretching to name a few. Bringing a nurturing quality to her work, she truly believes in the power of touch and the wisdom of the body to heal itself when it is respected and cared for. With a passion for studying, Georgia continues to challenge herself into learning new ways to heal the body. She believes we are all capable for healing in our deepest core, once we are fully integrated and balanced physically, emotionally and mentally. At the present moment, her passion and focus is on treating chronic and acute pain. Georgia is a graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC.


Rebecca Mabry, LMT, has more than 15 years experience as a massage therapist, and has a passion for healing through therapeutic touch. She uses traditional therapeutic massage techniques interspersed with a variety of unique methods she has studied over the years (including Japanese Cranial Sacral Therapy). Rebecca has advanced training in pregnancy massage and has “discovered a particular affinity” for it. She is also cerftied in oncology massage. Rebecca is a graduate of the Heritage Institute in Falls Church, VA.


Shannon Smith, LMT’s specialty is helping people reduce pain and stress through a set treatment plan that includes focused work for a specific goal. She enjoys working with clients who have chronic pain due to occupational stress—either from using their muscles too much or not enough. Shannon is a graduate of the Heritage Institute. She is also our general manager, in charge of the behind-the-scenes activities that keep an independent massage center like ours running smoothly (and she is as good at that as she is at the massage therapy).



Kara Doles, LMT, has been practicing massage for more than ten years. Kara loves doing trigger point and cross-fiber friction work to get the knots out. Her style is to use a lot of long, sympathetic strokes to access the relaxation part so that the client can better receive the deeper work. Her favorite clients are “those poor souls who work the desk all week, the people who are crouched in front of a computer who really need stuff worked out of their neck.” Kara got into massage because she dealt with some stress and anxiety early in life and discovered that massage and reflexology really helped with it. Now she helps other people realize those benefits.


Jenny Fu, LMT, graduated from the East-West Institute of Hand Therapy in Los Angeles, CA—a rigorous and extensive massage program—in 2007. Before immigrating to the United States, she completed six months of medical school. Jenny is passionate about her work, and in helping people relieve chronic pain and chronic stress. She intuitively knows how to work out each individual client’s problems, and is a skilled deep tissue therapist and has advanced training in pregnancy massage.